TIFFANY & CO. K-4 Tiffany to invest significantly in gemstone and diamond inventory and accept reduced overall gross margins; it also causes some consumers to view Tiffany as beyond their price range. All of the foregoing demand that management make difficult tradeoffs between business initiatives that might generate incremental sales and profits and Brand maintenance objectives. This is a dynamic process. To the extent that management deems that product or distribution initiatives will unduly and negatively affect the strength of the Brand, such initiatives have been and will be curtailed or modified appropriately. At the same time, Brand maintenance suppositions are regularly questioned by management to determine if the tradeoff between sales and profit is truly worth the positive effect on the Brand. At times, management has determined, and will in the future determine, that the strength of the Brand warranted, or that it will permit, more aggressive and profitable distribution and marketing initiatives. Channels of Distribution For financial reporting purposes, Registrant categorizes its sales as follows: U.S. Retail consists of retail sales transacted in TIFFANY & CO. stores in the United States and sales of TIFFANY & CO. products through business-to-business direct selling operations in the United States (see U.S. Retail below); International Retail consists of sales in TIFFANY & CO. stores and department store boutiques outside the United States, as well as business-to-business, Internet and wholesale sales of TIFFANY & CO. products outside the United States (see International Retail below); Direct Marketing consists of Internet and catalog sales of TIFFANY & CO. products in the United States (see Direct Marketing below); and Other consists of worldwide sales of businesses operated under trademarks or tradenames other than TIFFANY & CO. (i.e., IRIDESSE). Other also includes wholesale sales of diamonds obtained through bulk purchases that are subsequently deemed not suitable for Tiffany’s needs (see Other below). All prior year amounts in this Annual Report on Form 10-K have been restated to reflect Little Switzerland, Inc. as a discontinued operation. Products Registrant's principal product category is jewelry. It also sells timepieces, sterling silver goods (other than jewelry), china, crystal, stationery, fragrances and personal accessories. Tiffany offers an extensive selection of TIFFANY & CO. brand jewelry at a wide range of prices. In Fiscal 2007, 2006 and 2005 approximately 86%, 86% and 85%, respectively, of Registrant's net sales were attributable to TIFFANY & CO. brand jewelry. Designs are developed by employees, suppliers, independent designers and independent “name” designers (see Designer Licenses below). 0-K FORM 1

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