The Board has determined that all members of the Audit Committee are financially literate, that at least one member of the Audit Committee meets the New York Stock Exchange standard of having accounting or related financial management expertise, and that Mr. Presby meets the SEC criteria of an “audit committee financial expert.” Mr. Presby is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and chairs the audit committees of five public companies in addition to that of the Company. In view of Mr. Presby’s full-time commitment to work as an independent director, the Board has determined that his simultaneous service on six audit committees will not impair his ability to effectively serve on the Company’s Audit Committee. The report of the Audit Committee is on page PS-18. Self-Evaluation The independent directors who serve on the Board conduct an annual evaluation of the workings and efficiency of the Board and of each of the Board committees on which they serve and make recommendations for change, if required. Resignation on Job Change or New Directorship Under the Company’s Corporate Governance Principles, a director must submit a letter of resignation to the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee on a change in employment or significant change in job responsibilities and upon accepting or resolving to accept a directorship with another public company. The Committee may either accept or reject such resignation, but must act within 10 days after considering, in light of the circumstances, the continued appropriateness of the continued service of the director. Business Conduct Policy and Code of Ethics Since the 1980s, the Company has had a policy governing business conduct for all Company employees worldwide. The policy requires compliance with law and avoidance of conflicts of interest and sets standards for various activities to avoid the potential for abuse or the occasion for illegal or unethical activities. This policy covers, among other activities, the acceptance or giving of gifts from or to those seeking to do business with the Company, processing one’s own transactions, political contributions and reporting dishonest activity. Each year, all employees are required to review the policy, report any violations or conflicts of interest and affirm their obligation to report future violations to management. The Company has a toll-free “hotline” to receive complaints from employees, vendors, stockholders and other interested parties concerning violations of the Company’s policies or questionable accounting, internal controls or auditing matters. The toll-free phone number is 877-806-7464. The hotline is operated by a third party service provider to assure the confidentiality and completeness of all information received. Users of this service may elect to remain anonymous. We also have a Code of Business and Ethical Conduct for the directors, the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and all other officers of the Company. The Code advocates, and requires those persons to adhere to, principles and responsibilities governing professional and ethical conduct. This Code supplements our business conduct policy. Waivers may only be made by the Board. A summary of our business conduct policy and a copy of the Code of Business and Ethical Conduct are posted on our website, We have also filed a copy of the Code with the SEC as an exhibit to our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2008. The Board has not adopted a policy by which it will disclose amendments to, or waivers from, the Company’s Code of Business and Ethical Conduct on our website. Accordingly, we will file a report on Form 8-K if that Code is amended or if the Board has granted a waiver from such Code, including an implicit waiver. We will file TIFFANY & CO. PS-16 PROXY STATEMENT

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