DISCUSSION OF SUMMARY COMPENSATION TABLE AND GRANTS OF PLAN-BASED AWARDS Non-Equity Incentive Plan Awards Each of the named executive officers other than Mr. King was paid a cash (non-equity) annual incentive award for Fiscal 2007. Each including Mr. King may be paid such an award for Fiscal 2008. Mr. King was paid a cash bonus for Fiscal 2007. The non-equity annual incentive awards for Fiscal 2007 were established to pay out if the Company increased year-to-year earnings, with payouts at target levels if the Company met the net earnings objectives of the profit plan for the fiscal year. The net earnings objective was established by the Compensation Committee at the start of the fiscal year when the profit plan was approved. The objective was set with reference to earnings in the prior fiscal year, adjusted for certain items that would not be repeated in the course of business (such as income or expense attributable to divestitures or special tax incentives) or expenses relating to capital initiatives (such as the income statement effect of incremental borrowings needed to fund stock repurchases authorized by the Board in excess of annual plan amounts). For the annual incentive awards made for Fiscal 2008, the Committee has discretion to reduce incentive awards from a maximum. At the beginning of Fiscal 2008, the Committee established a performance goal in accordance with Section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “162(m) performance goal”). The 162(m) performance goal requires that the Company attain earnings of $243,000,000. The 162(m) performance goal for Fiscal 2008 must be achieved in order for named executive officers to be eligible to receive any annual incentive award. If that goal is achieved, each of the named executive officers shall be eligible to receive a maximum incentive award of 200% of base salary. However, even if the 162(m) performance goal is achieved, the Committee can exercise discretion to reduce the award below the maximum. The Committee’s discretion to reduce an incentive award below the maximum is not limited. The Committee has communicated to the named executive officers earnings objectives for fiscal year 2008 above the 162(m) performance goal. The Committee has indicated that, in the absence of other relevant factors (see below), the Committee will exercise its discretion as follows: x to reduce the maximum award to zero if fiscal year 2008 earnings do not equal or exceed $341,090,000; x to reduce the maximum award to target (100% of base salary, in the case of the chief executive officer, and 70% of base salary, in the case of the other named executive officers) if fiscal year 2008 earnings do not equal or exceed $367,517,000; and x to pay the maximum award if fiscal year 2008 earning equal or exceed $385,091,000. The Committee has also communicated that it reserves the right to consider other relevant factors in reducing an annual incentive award below the maximum allowable based on achievement of the 162(m) performance goal and the other earnings objectives set forth above. TIFFANY & CO. PS-37 PROXY STATEMENT

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