Nonstatutory stock options, deferred stock, restricted stock, performance shares, and restricted stock unit awards (collectively, the “Awards”) may be granted under the plan. Stock options granted under the 1999 Option Plan must have an exercise price that is not less than the fair market value of the Company’s Common Stock on the date of the grant. The Administrator shall determine the participants to whom Awards shall be granted and the terms of such Awards. The 1999 Option Plan terminates ten years from the Effective Date. In the event of a corporate transaction such as a change of control, the 1999 Option Plan provides that each outstanding Award shall be assumed, or an equivalent Award substituted, by the successor corporation or a parent or subsidiary of the successor corporation. In the event that the successor corporation does not agree to assume the Award or substitute an equivalent Award, subject to limitations that may be placed on an Award on the date of grant, outstanding Awards shall accelerate and become fully exercisable. 24

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