Item 9B. Other Information Termination of Lease Supplements under Master Lease in Connection With Transfer of Properties by Lessor. On June 10, 2005, Lam filed a Form 8-K disclosing that it had received a notice of approval from a designated buyer under a contract to purchase two properties at its Fremont, California campus. Lam had vacated these properties in connection with previously disclosed restructuring plans. The properties being purchased were two of four properties leased by Lam from SELCO Services Corporation under the Amended and Restated Master Lease and Deed of Trust, dated as of June 1, 2003, between SELCO, as lessor, and Lam, as lessee (the “Master Lease”) and the related Participation Agreement among Lam, SELCO, and Key Equipment Finance, Inc. (formerly known as Key Corporation Capital Inc.), as lender and administrative agent. At the closing of the sale of the two properties, which occurred on June 21, 2005, the lessor deeded the purchased properties to the buyer and Lam was released from its obligations under the June 2003 lease agreements with respect to the properties covered by Lease Supplements No. 4, No. 5, No. 6 and No. 7, each dated as of June 1, 2003, between Lam and the lessor. The remaining June 1, 2003 lease agreements shall continue in effect with respect to the two properties remaining subject to the Master Lease. 38

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