Financial statements 2006 246 a Financial investments The amount included in this item represents commercial paper. (in millions of euros) 2006 2005 Balance at 1 January 20 10 Purchases 108 89 Sales (108) (79) Balance at 31 December 20 20 b Loans and receivables – banks This item includes loans and deposits to and other interbank relations with Group companies. The maturity of these loans and receivables is less than one year. c Participating interests in Group companies Dividends due from ABN AMRO Bank N.V. to ABN AMRO Holding N.V. amounted to EUR 2,211 million (2005: EUR 1,520 million). (in millions of euros) 2006 2005 Balance at 1 January 19,332 15,843 Net profit for the year 4,681 4,398 Dividends received (1,520) (1,751) Currency translation differences (433) 1,080 Other movements (121) (238) Balance at 31 December 21,939 19,332 d Accrued income and prepaid expenses payment of which falls in a different period. e Other liabilities This item includes amongst others income taxes payable amounting to EUR 29 million and an accrual for payments on preference shares. Notes to the company financial statements (all amounts are in millions of euros)

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