40 Group organisation structure A new structure to help us share excellence In January 2006, ABN AMRO moved to reinforce its mid-market focus and realise the benefits of being one bank more effectively by adopting a new structure. This structure enables us to share expertise and operational excellence across the Group with greater impact. ABN AMRO’s Group structure comprises: • seven Client BUs • three Product BUs • two cross-BU Segments • Group Functions • Services The seven Client BUsconsist of five regionals BUs (Netherlands, Europe including Antonveneta in Italy, North America, Latin America and Asia) and two global BUs, Private Clients and Global Clients. The three Product BUs(Global Markets, s Transaction Banking and Asset Management) support the Client BUs by developing and delivering products for all of our clients globally. We bind all our Client BUs together through a cross-BUConsumer Client Segmentand a t cross-BUCommercial Client Segment. These Segments drive winning formulas across our various geographies, and work with the Product BUs to deliver high-quality solutions to clients. Group Functionsdelivers value-addeds support across the Group in areas ranging from Risk to Finance and from Human Resources to Sustainability, while always balancing global control with local flexibility and expertise. Servicescontinues to focus on increasing our s operational efficiency through Group-wide consolidation and standardisation. For more detailed information on the activities of the individual BUs and Segments, as well as Group Functions and Services, please refer to the pages 42-68. Europe incl. Antonveneta North AmericaLatin AmericaAsiaPrivate ClientsGlobal ClientsNetherlands Consumer Client Segment Commercial Client Segment Local productsLocal productsLocal productsLocal productsLocal productsLocal productsM&A ECM Global Markets Transaction Banking Asset Management Services Group Functions Group organisation structure Group organisation structure

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