lease expires in 2032; however, the Company has options to terminate the lease in 2022 and 2027 without penalty. LONDON OLD BOND STREET STORE In October 2007, the Company sold the land and single-tenant building housing the TIFFANY & CO. store on London’s Old Bond Street and simultaneously entered into a 15-year lease with two 10-year renewal options. The Company completed a renovation and reconfiguration of the store in Fiscal 2006 which increased its gross square footage from 15,200 to 22,400. IRIDESSE STORES In Fiscal 2008, Iridesse leased and operated 16 retail locations in the U.S. totaling approximately 23,000 gross square feet devoted to retail selling and operations. Iridesse retail stores range from approximately 1,200 to 1,700 gross square feet with an average retail store size of approximately 1,400 gross square feet. Iridesse rents its retail store locations under standard shopping mall leases, which may contain minimum rent escalations, for an average term of 10 years. Some Iridesse leases are guaranteed by Tiffany. In January 2009, management committed to a plan to close the Iridesse stores as agreements are reached with landlords and inventory is sold. RETAIL SERVICE CENTER The Company’s Retail Service Center (“RSC”), located in Parsippany, New Jersey, comprises approximately 370,000 square feet. Approximately half of the building is devoted to office and computer operations, and half to warehousing, shipping, receiving, light manufacturing, merchandise processing and other distribution functions. The RSC receives merchandise and replenishes retail stores. In September 2005, Tiffany sold the RSC and entered into a long-term lease which expires in 2025, subject to Tiffany’s option to renew for two sequential 10-year periods. The Registrant believes that the RSC has been properly designed to handle worldwide distribution functions and that it is suitable for that purpose. CUSTOMER FULFILLMENT CENTER Tiffany is party to a ground lease for the Company’s Customer Fulfillment Center (“CFC”) in Whippany, New Jersey. The CFC is approximately 266,000 square feet and is primarily used for warehousing merchandise and processing direct-to-customer orders. The lease expires in 2032 and the Company has the right to renew the lease for an additional 20-year term. MANUFACTURING FACILITIES Tiffany owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Cumberland, Rhode Island and in Mount Vernon, New York. The facilities total approximately 122,000 square feet and are used for the manufacture of jewelry. Tiffany is party to a lease for an approximately 44,500 square foot manufacturing facility in Pelham, New York. The lease expires June 30, 2013. Item 3. Legal Proceedings. The Registrant and Tiffany are from time to time involved in routine litigation incidental to the conduct of Tiffany's business, including proceedings to protect its trademark rights, litigation with parties claiming infringement of their intellectual property rights by Tiffany, litigation instituted by TIFFANY & CO. K-20 FORM 10-K

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